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Welcome to Lali Productions

Lali Productions is performance art production company founded by Lauretta Ali. We are committed to bringing excellent plays and films to the Georgia community. We welcome seasoned actors as well as inspired thespians. Our goal is to inspire our actors to put art first. Many times actors are seeking stardom and financial gain without putting the work needed into their craft. Many see themselves as stars and that clouds their vision as to what is important in the field of entertainment. We feel that working hard, staying righteous and focused should be an actor's primary job. Then because of our company's firm belief in God, we feel that we will be blessed with the financial fruit of our efforts, God willing! With that in mind we ask that any and all who join us adhere to our Actor's Code of Ethics.

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1. All personnel arrive on time and ready to work, bringing nothing with you but a positive attitude for all.

2. If your scene is not being worked on, then study your lines without disturbing others.

3. Bring scripts at all times! Don't show up forgetting your script and expecting to borrow someone else's. Be prepared! Bring a pen or pencil and a notebook so that you will be able to take notes if your director requests that.

4. Please don't ask to miss or leave early for any Tech or Dress Rehearsals. That is not acceptable on any stage or film set. We are going to treat you as professional actors so please conduct yourself in that manner. We welcome any and all talented actors to work with us. Yet, we understand if you can't adhere to the above and have to move on. Those rehearsals are essential to a successful stage play or screenplay. Your director, the crew and most of all, your fellow actors are depending on you.

5. PLEASE PUT ALL CELL PHONES ON VIBRATE! If parents are in the theater with the young actors, we must ask that you exit the theater and take calls in the lobby only. It is a major distraction during rehearsal to have cell phones ringing. We want everyone to put on their best performance when the curtain goes up. This will assist us with making that happen. Please do NOT videotape our play without our permission. Also, we will provide actors with copies of their specific work if we are able to. That will always depend upon our ability to do so if the show is being taped for us. But, we have actors, in the past, who have taken the liberty of having their guests tape our shows without permission. We are specifically stating that is NOT allowed. 

6. QUIET ON THE SET is a known phrase in both the theater and film worlds. Even though we are a small company we are training our actors to realize that fact before they become part of the major theater and film industry. We instill good working habits right from the start. EVERYONE should cease talking whenever the Director, Assistant Director or the Stage Manager says that! We are asking that everyone who works with us respect that request.

7. It is our goal to pay every actor for each performance. Yet, our primary purpose is to ensure that we have a great theater house to perform in. So, we will compensate each actor a stipend based upon the net profits after all expenses are paid, ie: theater rental, tickets and playbill program printing, etc. We are a new company and we don't

expect actors to perform for free. In our effort to produce shows in a great venue, we must cover all expenses before salaries can be paid. Please understand this fact before accepting any role in our organization. Finally, we do not work with stars. We know that even the most celebrated actor developed a following before he or she could command a salary. Major Studios do NOT invest in actors who do not have a following. So, small companies can't be expected to. If you want to be paid, make sure you are able to have guests that will pay for tickets. Our audience consists of people who believe in and support us and that is how our the theater is paid for. We have other bills associated with putting a production on. So, an actor's ability to have a following of people who will come to see him or her is essential in order for us to pay you any type of a salary. 

8. Often we have to share dressing rooms. In our company, the areas will be separated for male and female actors. No actor should enter a dressing room that he or she isn't assigned to without knocking first. An actor should be able to utilize the dressing room as a place to apply makeup and to get into character. We don't allow radios in our dressing rooms. Please allow each actor their space by keeping conversations low and to a minimum. Most professional actors are going over lines and their character interpretations. If you are a method actor, you should utilize a spot outside of the dressing room to rehearse your role. This will allow a congenial atmosphere for all. We thank you for your cooperation. 

After all is said and done here is foremost what we want you to remember:

Dance as though no one is watching!

Love as though you have never been hurt before!

Sing as though no one can hear you!

Live as though heaven is on earth!

-  "Father Alfred D'Souza"

After all is said and done here is foremost what we want you to remember:

Please contact us as we are actively seeking sponsors and co-producers! Check back later for new updates to our website.

There's much more to come!