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In order to meet the domestic and global challenges needed in the 21st century.  We have an educational model that combines education and entertainment arts.  This can be an effective tool for students because the arts speak a "universal language" that will hold their attention. Thereby drawing out of them a love and motivation to learn and teach. All human beings cry the same way. There is no language barrier.  A crying baby, child or adult all sound the same. Music, song, dance and other performing arts mediums, can send messages that bridge the gap of ethnicity, cultural identity and class distinctions that oftentimes can impede academic and human progress.

We must train and educate our future generations to be prepared to lead in every field of human endeavor; with special emphasis on science, technology, mathematics and engineering. The public school system is overwhelmed and has not produced the quality of students needed to meet the domestic and global needs of a highly technologically and industrially advanced world.  We have found an increasing need for alternative models to traditional educational methods. Therefore, we created "On The Spot Edutainment.”

Lali Productions has been promoting our documentary movie entitled "Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma.” The movie addresses this very serious issue of bullying as a “social disease" in our nation's schools, particularly because of its long term negative effects on our youth and its barrier to the education process. This social disease however, is not limited to our schools, colleges and universities.  It is in our homes, neighborhoods, our communities, in the workplace, corporate board rooms etc. I am very concerned and involved with this issue because I was bullied as a child by some of my teachers as well as many fellow students throughout elementary school. If through our efforts together, with your support, we can save one child from suicide or committing homicide, we would have succeeded.

We are seeking donors to help us to do a second updated movie "Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma Re-Visited" to hire technicians and other support staff, as well as, to acquire the following equipment and supplies:

 1) A travel van with state-of-the art capability ($30,000)

 2) An entire graphics package to cover the van and promote our brand On The Spot Edutainment, our film and stage productions locally and nationally ($3,000)

 3) Two (2) top brand, state-of-the-art movie cameras with film editing capabilities ($2000) and two (2) tripods ($100)

 4) We need to hire a minimum of two (2) production assistants to help with editing and film graphics ($2000)
5)  Motion Picture Association of America | rating (G) (PG), etc. ($3,000)
6) We would like to compensate each new interviewee with a small stipend and a copy of the completed DVD. ($3,000)

7) We need 500 copies of the DVD with the minimum distribution copies to be given as follows: One copy to each Sponsor, two copies to each co-producer and 5 copies to each executive producer.  One copy to each person interviewed.
                                   Sponsorship Credits for Donors
 $20.00:  A copy of our original movie mailed to you with free shipping and handling

These following donations will be listed in the movie credits as follows:

 $50.00   Honorable listing
 $100.00 Sponsorship listing
 $500.00 Co-producer listing
 $1000.00 or above Executive Producer listing

We appreciate any generous donations no matter the size, even $1 donations.  Every little bit helps and will assist in changing a young life.   We would appreciate your support and any in-kind services that you are willing to provide.
Muhammad J Abdullah

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